Monday, February 1, 2010

Guatemala Wildlife

Quetzal- national bird of Guatemala



The Guatemalan territory presents very fertile earth, which is the reason why its vegetation is very rich and diverse. The plain of the Petén in the north is a dense tropical forest, in which species like the cobrush palms, caobos, ceibas, chicozapotes and mangles are found. In the western region the pine forests predominate - pinabete, fir, cypress and encino. Between the diversity of fruits they appear the mamey, handle, zapote, pitahaya, soursop, caimito, nance, guanábana, cucumber, paternal, manzanarrosa níspero, tuna, granadilla, marañón, tamarind, several Guineans (banana tree, dwelled, of gold, banana and others), Flowers - irises abound, jasmine, lilies, nardos, bougainvilleas, geraniums, choreques, wallflowers, rosebays, flowers of Passover and orchids.


Land - jaguars, pumas, corzos, pecaríes, saraguates, micos, tepezcuintes, tacuazines, wolves of prairie, coyotes, lizards, armadillos, iguanas and several species of serpents (oil lamp, chorale, mazacuate and yellow beard).
Water - it is possible to find juilines, catfishes, tepemechines, shrimps, oysters, lobsters, crabs and turtles.
Birds - herons (white, pink, blue and gray), wild turkeys (chompipas), parrots, guacamayos, toucans, pheasants, colibríes and martín fisherman and the Motmot. The national symbol of Guatemala – the Quetzal with the long green tail and crimson chest – lives in the high regions.

Guatemala: Biodiversity - Wildlife
Amphibians: total species 133, endemic species, 40, threatened species, 74
Birds: total species 715, endemic species, 13, threatened species, 10
Mammals: total species 193, endemic species, 3 threatened species, 7
Reptiles: total species 236, endemic species 28, threatened species, 10
Fish: fresh water 112, tolerant to salt water 185, salt water 354, total 651
Wildlife diversity total species 1928, endemic species 84, threatened species 101
Petén, near Yaxhá, Jaguar, 4 subspecies in GuatemalaCollaris motmot, in The pacific lowlands, GuatemalaHeloderma Horridum alvareziii, endemic to GuatemalaMotagua river, Red TigerSalamander, endemic in Guatemala (Bolitoglossa cuchumatana)
Guatemala: Biodiversity - Plants
Number of Native tree species: 700
Number of tree species in IUCN red list: Critically Endangered 2, Endangered 30, Vulnerable 51
Vascular Plant Species, 2004 Total: 8681
Number endemic: 117O
734, Threatened 550
Number of Threatened Plant Species, Excluding orchids, (Year 2004), endemic species 40, threatened species 74
Endemic Orchid, Cattleya  guatemalensis
Maya Sacred tree (Yaxché), Ceiba Pentandra,  Guatemala's national Tree, in the maya site of Ceibal, PeténManzanilla, endemic fruit, Crataegus guatemalensisGuatemalan Fir (Abies guatemalensis), its disctintive smell its unique.Playa Blanca, Livinstone IzabalAnacate, Endemic, now being cultivated,  the most popular edible fungus in Guatemala, Highland Forest