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Congress of Guatemala

Congress of Guatemala

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The Congress of the Republic (SpanishCongreso de la República) is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Guatemala.
It comprises 158 deputies, who are elected by direct universal suffrage to serve four-year terms (the number was increased from 113 for the 2003 election). Twenty-nine of these are elected from nationwide lists, with the on a district list basis. Each of the country's 22 departments serves as a district, with the exception of the department of Guatemala, containing the capital, which, on account of its size, is divided into two (distrito central and distrito Guatemala).
e • d Summary of the 9 September 2007 Congress of the Republic of Guatemala election results
Parties and alliancesVotes%+/–Seats+/–
National Unity of Hope (Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza, UNE)721,98822.81%+4.4%48+16
Grand National Alliance (Gran Alianza Nacional, GANA)522,48016.51%–7.8%137–101
Patriotic Party (Partido Patriota, PP)503,44215.91%+15.9%130+301
Guatemalan Republican Front (Frente Republicano Guatemalteco, FRG)310,0389.80%–9.9%15–28
Encounter for Guatemala (Encuentro por Guatemala, EG)195,1516.17%+6.17%4+4
Unionist Party (Partido Unionista, PU)192,9836.10%+0.7%8+1
Social Action Centre (Centro de Acción Social, CASA)154,7184.89%+4.9%5+5
National Advancement Party (Partido de Avanzada Nacional, PAN)144,9104.58%–6.3%4–13
Nationalist Change Union (Union del Cambio Nacionalista, UCN)128,5934.06%+4.1%4+4
Guatemalan National Revolucionary Unity–MAIZE
Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca–MAIZ, URNG–MAIZ)
Authentic Integral Development (Desarrollo Integral Auténtico, DIA)45,1421.43%–1.6%–1
Democratic Union (Unión Democrática, UD)44,4881.41%–0.8%1–1
New National Alliance (Alianza Nueva Nación, ANN)42,7901.35%–3.5%–6
Front for Democracy (Frente por la Democracia, EL FRENTE)28,7980.91%+0.9%±0
Guatemalan Christian Democracy (Democracia Cristiana Guatemalteca, DCG)26,1900.83%–2.4%–1
Valid votes (turnout 60.5%)3,165,191100.0158
Blank votes212,615
Invalid votes244,082
Total votes3,621,888
Source: Tribunal Supremo Electoral and Prensa Libre

1 In the 2003 election, the Patriotic Party was part of the Grand National Alliance, which has since become a party.
Guatemala also returns deputies to the supranational Central American Parliament.

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