Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guatemala Photos

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The Highland Maya of Guatemala
San Pedro 1941
Photographs by Benjamin and Lois Paul
Festivals of Guatemala
Photographs by Frank Mays
Semana Santa 
Santiago Atitlán
Photographs by David Hamilton
Maya PeopleStructures and MoreLake Atitlan
The Artists
Nine galleries, each showcasing 18 of the best photographs portraying some aspect of Guatemala by photographers who have posted their photographs on the photo sharing website Flickr.
Photographs of Maya people of Guatemala.Photographs of the changing moods of Lake Atitlán.Photographs ofHighland Guatemalan Landscapes other than Lake Atitlán.
Photographs ofGuatemalan Festivals and Celebrations.Photographs of Todos Santos Chuchumatán, one of the most traditional of the Maya pueblos.Photographs ofGuatemalan Townscapes.
Photographs of all aspects of Maya Spirituality.Photographs ofGuatemalan Colonial Buildings, mainly colonial churches.Photographs ofGuatemalan Foods.
The Artists
Photo/foto: Antonio and/y Julian Coche Mendoza and family/ y familia
The artists of San Pedro la LagunaThe artists of San Juan la Laguna
The artists of Santiago AtitlánThe artists of San Juan Comalapa
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