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Guatemala City Gallery

Guatemala City Gallery  

Zone 14
Sunset, view from Guatemala Zone 10
Pacaya Volcano in foreground

Air view El Trebol (divides zone 3 and 8 (North),
11 South and 7(west)
Guatemala City - Capital of Guatemala, Central America
Commercial District Zones 9 and 10

City View from Zone 1

Zone 10 Hotels Area

Bank Zone 9

Tikal Futura Zone 11

Bank zone 9

Bank Zone 9

Monumment  to John Paul II, zone 13
Columbus Centre Zone 14

Apartament building Zone 14

Centro Cívico zone 4
Centro Cívico

Plazuela España Zone 9

Plazuela España Zone 9

Centro Cívico zone 4, Vier from National Theatre
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Palacio Nacional de La Cultura Zone 1
General Jorge Ubico comissioned the construction in 1939,  as the Goverment's Offices and was ignagurated on November 10, 1943, for his biryhday, now its a museum named National Palce of the Culture

San José Fort and Theatre

Efraín Recinos
Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias
This theater was named after the Literature Nobel Prize winner, Miguel Angel Asturias. Its construction started in 1951, and the building was finally completed in 1978. Nine years later it was declared part of the National Heritage. With an area of 88,927 square meters, the building is designed to look like a seated jaguar, and with paralelism with the Agua and Pacaya Volcanos, It is the largest theater in Guatemala and regularly puts on popular music concerts, choral concerts, Folk, classic and modern ballets, as well as operas and zarzuelas (Spanish light operas). The facility includes a Camera theater for plays and conferences and an open-air theater. Designed By Architect Efrain Recinos
 (In Picture at left)

 East view, from Civic center

Relief  Map of Guatemala 1911, (Unique in the world) Zone 2
Los Próceres monument (Better known as the Obelisk)
(Divides Zones 9 and 10  North  and 13 and 14 South)

Zone 8
Torre del Reformador

Cerrito del Carmen (XVI century) it was the anchor to build the new Guatemala City after the earthquakes destroyed Antigua Guatemala on 1774
Leones en el Zoologico La Aurora
La Mocosita en el Zoologico La AuroraLa Aurora Zoo
In december, 1924 was founded the Zoológico Nacional La Aurora, during  the goverment of  president José María Orellana.
The area of the Zoológico La Aurora is some 3 sq Km, and has a rich collection of both, local and exotic fauna, it is located near the International Airport, Handcraft market and the National Museums in Zone 13.
Casa del Te
Colonial aqueduct, exit from Airport and Zoo

Handcraft in Central market

he original, destroyed in 1976 earthquake

Central Market
Zone 1
Artesanía de barro de Chinautla, figuras para el nacimiento, mercado central de Guatemala, navidad 2008. by RobertoUrrea.
Central Market Handcrafts section
Zone 1

Tre-Fratelli Zona VivaNight Life in Zona Viva (Zone 10)
Guatemala City View at night
Zona Viva at night Zone 10
National Mail building Zone 1 (Now, The Metropolitan Culture Center)

Pinula Aqueduct Zone 13 near the airport (Build in XVIII century, using the Culebra Monticule that carried water to Kaminaljuyú)

Flower clock Zone 9
Esquina del Museo Miraflores
Miraflores Museum (Includes Modern art and archeological pieces from Kaminaljuyú) Zone 11

Night view Cathedral in first plane, Zone 1

Avenida la Reforma on Sundays (just for walk or bikes) divides zone 9 (West and 10 East)

Yurrita Church,
Zone 4

New La Aurora Airport

Bank in Zone 10
National Cathedral in Guatemala's Central Plaza, Zone 1
Ruins of Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala City
Kaminaljuyú mounds and museum Zones 7 and 11

Galerías Miraflores Zone 11, Shopping Mall and 8 movie theaters,  

National Library and Hemeroteca, Zone 1

Tikal Futura, and Miraflores, Shopping Malls and Business centre, Zone 11

 Zone 4

National Museum of Archaeology

La Reforma

Zone 14, exclusive Residential area

Campo de Marte, Public sports
Zone 5

La Pradera   Zone 10,
Shopping Mall also 5 movie theaters

Galerías La Pradera, Condado Concepción Shopping Mall (Guatemala's largest)
 7 Movie theaters, including an IMAX movie theater, Santa Catarina Pinula (Eastern Guatemala City Suburbs)